Scottish Highlands and Islands visit the isle of lewis in pictures – best viewed with Mozilla Firefox

About this site…

Many people ask for pictures of the Isle of Lewis, the area and scenery of this bleak and remote part of North West Scotland, so this is for them! Photos are taken with my N95 mobile phone using the built in Carl Zeiss Optics 5 megapixel camera, and free for anybody to use as they wish! My name is Isaac (same spelling as bible) and I live on this island, I have a Masters in joint History and Celtic Civilisation.
The Isle of Lewis is part of the Western Isles of Scotland the total area is only about 683 square miles with a small population of approx 18500. The land area is mainly flat with no trees, lots of marsh land and bogs, there are miles and miles of empty sandy beaches, to the South is the more mountainous and scenic area of Harris.