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Bayble Island… click for full size pictures!

Posted on April 15, 2010

Bayble Island is situated at Bayble village in the Point area of the island. The Gaelic name for this island is 'Eilean Phabail' which just means Bayble Island. The island is uninhabited but it is believed that at one time there there was found a single round stone monks cell possibly from the early Celtic church spreading from Ireland.The Gaelic word 'Phabail' is believed to mean a priest or monk and this is maybe how the island got it's name. Now it is the home of seabirds mainly seagulls and sometimes gannets who visit and dive for fish.

Closer view of the island...

View from the shore.


night time full moon

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  1. I love it I want to come here I can just about smell the sea…

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