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MacLeod St Columba’s Church… click for full sized pictures!

Posted on June 19, 2010

This is a grave stone slab for one of the Macleod chiefs buried in this small church called St Columba's church, the church is the burial site of many MacLeod chiefs possibly up to 19. Although called St Columba's Church this saint was never on the island of Lewis, this church was build on the remains of a dwelling of a follower of St Columba called St Catan who we know very little about.

This is a quote from the sign outside the church... "Eaglais na h-Aoidhe was built in the late 14th Century on the site of a cell first occupied by St Catan, a follower of St Columba, in the 6th Century. The church is the burial place for the Macleod Chiefs of Lewis and contains two carved grave slabs commemorating Roderick Macleod VII (d. 1498) and his daughter Margaret Mackinnon (d. 1503)."

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  1. These are fascinating pirtecus. Thanks for sharing them. I see at your YouTube channel a bunch of KPC related videos. Do you work with KPC or subsidiaries?While I live in US, I have done some work in Kuwait and will soon be doing more, including work for KPC, hence my interest in your topic and content.

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