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Tallest Standing Stone in Scotland… Click for Full Sized pictures!

Posted on August 13, 2011

This single standing stone is believed to be the tallest in Scotland at approx 5.8 metres tall. Why this stone was erected and what it was for remains a mystery, how it was erected and by what method is a mystery as well. One idea is that it marked the site of a battle between two clans, the Morrisons and the Macaulays? Another that it marks the grave of a Norse prince who died at this location? Another that it was some kind of sea marker? But modern thinking is that it's the last stone of a stone circle built approx 5000 years ago similar to the Callanish Stone Circle (see the post on Callanish Stone Circle). The other stones of the circle are missing and it's believed that they were used by the locals for building houses and walls. The stone is called 'Clach an Trushal' in Gaelic, which means 'stone of compassion' in English, it is located on the North West side of Lewis.

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